Dressed to Kilt 2011

Miss Guatemala walks the runway in Impractical Clothes at Dressed to Kilt 2011 in NYC. Wearing a patchworked tartan and tweed sweetheart corset and bustle skirt and flaunting her Impractical Clothes sporran handbag Lourdes Figueroa looked sensational and was clearly enjoying herself on the catwalk at The Hammerstein Ballroom.

The theme of this years show was country chic for which Impractical Clothes created a 'Utilitarian Couture' collection. 'Its all about the spirit of the settlers who moved from Scotland to the Appalachians, they had a make-do-and-mend culture, in a nod to Dolly Parton and her coat of many colours I was inspired to use remnants of fabric to create patchwork panels which I've incorporated into the corset design. The resulting garments and handbags are all truly original and unique one-off pieces'

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More images of the new collection designed for DTK 2011

New Collection for 2011
New Collection for 2011